Update on Dvorak

Posted on by AJ Ianozi

Well, it’s been about 5 days since I’ve switched do the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard, and I’m slowly progressing.

The Dvorak Simplified Keyboard!

My current typing speed is about 15 wpm now, and I can finally “keep up” with people on IMs. I’ve already memorized the layout (using the normal QWERTY keyboard, no labels or anything), and can type words such as “the, there, is, as, etc” without thinking, as fast as I could with my QWERTY.

I am having problems with afew letters, namely “f” and “j”, for some reason. Probably because “f” is in a really awkward position for me, and I rarely use “j”.

NOTE: This is part of a series, check the next entry here!

Comments (& Webmentions coming soon)

  • Suresh Kanna on

    was looking or a devorak typing tutor and landed here ! I see you are using the two handed Dvorak layout.

    I am trying to learn the left hand dvorak so I can type with just one hand :).. but i am tying this comment in qwerty :P