Welcome to my new blog!

Posted on by AJ Ianozi

Welcome to my new blog!

Let me first say this, I have many photos. Many, many, photos. I take them with my phone and they sync up to my Flickr account. I still have to go through all of them, write posts explaining what I’ve done and where I’ve been – if memory will serve me correctly.

Next, allow me to introduce (or reintroduce) myself. My name is AJ. I’m a programmer and an aspiring psychologist, among other things. I own a few websites, such as LOLFlash or Tulpa.info. I’m hoping to use this blog to document my adventures, my ramblings, and other misc things. If someone cares enough to actually read this stuff, feel free to leave a comment.

I used to have another blog, where you can read how I learned the Dvorak keyboard layout or check out the flooding in my neighborhood. I’m not going to be updating that blog anymore though, so check here for posts.

I am still developing this website, I’m going to try and add an RSS feed when I get a chance. It’s currently hosted on my Odroid-U3 (as well as my minecraft server), and has been generated using Jekyll.

P.S. The ODROID is running Gentoo :3

Comments (& Webmentions coming soon)