Old Country Buffet

Posted on by AJ Ianozi

I was at an all-you-can-eat buffet for breakfast a little bit ago; while there, I decided to ask one of my friends from Europe if they’ve ever been to one before – they haven’t. So I decided to blog about my experience at this buffet, show them what they are!

The buffet in question was Old Country Buffet, a popular chain around here. Had a coupon for a $5 breakfast, with the drink it came to about $7 (unlimited chocolate milk :3). Since it’s “all you can eat,” I was able to go up for seconds and thirds. Matter of fact, I had about 3-4 plates. Anyway, here are some pictures!

2022 Edit: Unfortunately, flickr deleted all of my buffet pictures. There’s a reason I’m migrating off flickr :(

Old Country offers a pretty nice selection. Scrambled eggs, sausage gravy, hash, scrabble, steak, potatoes, and various other neat things. They also have a taco bar, but I can’t eat tacos for breakfast.

Among other things, they have waffles, pancakes (including chocolate chip!), with various syrups (from maple to blueberry).

My favorite part of this buffet is their bacon. It’s really delicious, extra crispy, and I always end up having way more than I should.

And what’s breakfast without doughnuts!

As well as sticky buns!

I did end up making a taco though, but not the traditional type. I put scrambled eggs, mushrooms, bacon, onions, and cheese sauce in a taco shell, made a good old fashion breakfast taco!

Twas beautiful, indeed.

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