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Posted on by AJ Ianozi

Hello dear readers. After much work, I’ve finally merged almost all of my blogs together into one: aj.immo – if you’re wondering what “immo” stands for, it stands for “In My Mighty Opinion.” In reality, I couldn’t find many good TLDs that started with “aj”.

Like ajfox, this site is entirely statically generated using Jekyll. The category pages? Comments? All jekyll. I plan on creating my own static site generator compatable with Jekyll in due time, but for the moment Jekyll will suffice.

I’m also going to write a service in the back-end that will update comments, so if you would like to add a comment to a page, email comments@aj.immo with the post URL in the subject line. I’m currently just maintaining that manually, but stay tuned!

I’ve had several blogs in the past, ajfox.us, aj.ianozi.com, and even anthonyianozi.blogspot.com. However, the latter two are hosted by google, and I really want to ream Google out of my life.

With that being said, I fully redirected all of my previous blog posts from my old domain to the new one, so visiting aj.ianozi.com/date/somepost.html will end up resolving to aj.immo/date/somepost/. I even manged to port over the comments!

A lot has happened in the last several years, I’m not even sure where to start. I’ve moved from C to Ada, and I’ve moved from a Windows Phone to an iPhone (at least until the Pine Phone becomes a visable solution). Yes, I would rather deal with de-googling an iPhone than de-googling an Android!

I’m also working on an MMO, which will soon be announced. I’m working on starting a non-profit (Digivize.org) and will soon be updating my travel blog (Seldom.Travel). I’m also working on new budgeting software based on Ledger, so more on that later, and I still use flickr so expect photodumps in the coming months.

I guess that’s it! I plan on detailing how I set up my infrastructure, post more code of what I’ve done and what I’m doing, so stay tuned!

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