My new car!

Posted on by AJ Ianozi

So, I bought my first used car last month, and I’m happy with the results. Since we’ve been planning on scrapping my parents’ ‘97 Cavalier, I’ve been meaning to find a better replacement. And I did! A very nice car: 2001 Mercury Cougar!

Meet the Cougar!

I bought it at this used car dealership for $2100. It can go from about 1 to 60 in under 10 seconds, and it can reach speeds of 150mph!

Has a pretty nice V6 engine, and it’s been getting 35MPG at 60MPH-75MPH. I love the car, it’s comfortable, and drives great. When I bought it last month, I got an oil change, transmission and coolant flush, there’s really not a lot wrong with the car aside from a windshield washer fluid pump and the power steering hose needing to be replaced, which the dealership mechanic did for free (thank you Clear Cut Auto!).

I would park the car far away from everyone else, so nobody would hurt her.


…and then I hit a deer.

I was coming home from getting a milkshake at the local Sonic’s when I saw two deer run out in the middle of the street. I slammed my breaks on, missing the first. The second deer hit the car, did a backflip off my shieldshield, and landed behind me. It proceded to run off into the woods leaving my car with a horrible dent.

Luckily, I have full coverage on my car! They replaced the hood, buffered everything off, and the car looks beautiful again, good as new!

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