Take Me Out To The Hot Dog

Posted on by AJ Ianozi

I paid pennies for a baseball tickets and $6 for a donut hotdog!

Two months ago, my family bought tickets to see our local baseball team, The Blue Rocks, on opening day. We paid 4 cents per ticket. How? Because of this:

The Wilmington Blue Rocks sold some of the cheapest tickets in baseball history Monday – with an assist from the cold weather – as they discounted regular prices by 99 percent. The Class A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals offered fans the chance to get tickets to Opening Day for the same number, in cents, as the temperature at 8 a.m. ET. The temperature in Wilmington, Delaware, at that time Monday? Four degrees Fahrenheit. With just a few cents, we bought tickets for all of our friends and family to watch the first game of the year. While I’m not the biggest baseball fan, my grandfather was, and I grew up watching our local team. It got to a point where the players knew me, and would always toss me free baseballs.

The city in the background is Wilmington, Delaware, and the ones in white and blue are the Wilmington Blue Rocks.

The real talk of the town though, was less the actual game and more this new hot dog they came out with. My father calls it “The Heart Attack,” my brother calls is “the doughdog,” I just call it the donut dog. It’s a six dollar hotdog with bacon, jelly, and a glazed Krispy Kreme donut as the roll. It looks just as digusting as it sounds. People? Meet The Sweenie Donut Dog:

It overall didn’t taste too badly, but it’s way too expensive and way too overrated.

Eventually I got bored of sitting with everyone and went up to General Admission – aka the nosebleed section.

I managed to take a wide-angle shot, but it might look squished or cropped in the blog. Click the picture to see it in full size:

Our team won. I celebrated with a crummy selfie.

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