Chesapeake City

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Yesterday, my family went to Chesapeake city! It was quite the adventure, and it’s only a half hour away from where I live! Chesapeake City is a small little town located in Maryland, right across from the C&D Canal. Recall in Delaware City that the town was built for workers who managed the canal? Well, Chesapeake City is half-way down, managing the other side.

Today, the city is still a small, functioning little village, containing gift shops, a post office, some bed and breakfasts, and many homes. (Read more)

Atlantic City

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I went to Atlantic City today with the family! For those that don’t know, Atlantic City is sometimes called the Vegas of the East Coast. It contains many mega-casinos and hotels such as the Trump Towers, Showboat, and the Taj Mahal. The famous board game Monopoly is based off Atlantic City. Well, with the current state of the economy, the city is now a ghost town, and even the 50+ story high casinos have seen better days.

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Delaware City

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Yesterday, I took a trip to Delawere City! It’s an old city created for workers of the C&D Canal, the canal that connects the Delaware River to the Chesapeake. While it’s not as preserved as Historic New Castle (which is one of the oldest still-functioning-while-preserved towns in the US!), it still has its roots in Delaware’s history. I wish I had taken more pictures, and I should have taken a picture of the Welcome Sign, so have one that I found on City Data.
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Delaware City rests along the Delaware River and the C&D Canal. After arriving, my family and I noticed two distinct vehicles. One, a company truck, and the second, a horseless carriage!(Read more)

Thunderstorm on the Riverfront!

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I decided to visit the Riverfront in Old New Castle and take some pictures while waiting to pick up my brother. I took the opportunity to try my photography skills out, and took some pictures of the oncoming thunderstorm across the river. Here are the results (warning: lots of pictures).(Read more)

Take Me Out To The Hot Dog

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I paid pennies for a baseball tickets and $6 for a donut hotdog!

Two months ago, my family bought tickets to see our local baseball team, The Blue Rocks, on opening day. We paid 4 cents per ticket. How? Because of this:

The Wilmington Blue Rocks sold some of the cheapest tickets in baseball history Monday – with an assist from the cold weather – as they discounted regular prices by 99 percent. The Class A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals offered fans the chance to get tickets to Opening Day for the same number, in cents, as the temperature at 8 a.m. ET. The temperature in Wilmington, Delaware, at that time Monday? Four degrees Fahrenheit. With just a few cents, we bought tickets for all of our friends and family to watch the first game of the year. While I’m not the biggest baseball fan, my grandfather was, and I grew up watching our local team. It got to a point where the players knew me, and would always toss me free baseballs.

The city in the background is Wilmington, Delaware, and the ones in white and blue are the Wilmington Blue Rocks.(Read more)

Pictures from New Hope, PA

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I had the chance to walk around New Hope, PA the other day. It’s only 6 miles from where George Washington crossed the Delaware river, and it was very cold (-12°F!) outside. I took some pictures, and I captured a beautiful 360° panorama of the Delaware River from the center of a footbridge crossing it. It’s a pretty cute small town in PA. There’s a canal that runs through the center of the town (which I also took some pictures of). Anyway, on with the pictures! (Read more)

Alpha Chi Conference in San Diego, CA (warning: heavy picture content)

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There hasn’t been much of an update from me in a while, as I have been working on my projects at Uni, and preparing for trip for the Alpha Chi Honor Society National Conference (which I just got back from), to give my presentation on Artificial Life.

The conference was in San Diego, California, a very beautiful place. I was there for 5 days, and I had experienced my very first time on a plane. I won a national award (10 are handed out, from a pool of over 11,000 alpha chi members made up of the top 10% of their universities), saw some seals at the Children’s Pool Beach, and got to go to Sea World with my Aunt and Uncle!

On a side note, I’m up to about 67-68 wpm with the Dvorak layout (remember that?) when on my macbook (I’m abit slower on my main computer). Should be back up to my 100+wpm I had in QWERTY in no time!

Anyway, there were plenty of pictures (I didn’t take any, I just asked my fellow students to take some and give me theirs); I hope you enjoy!

NOTE: Big thanks to Teresa for taking the following pictures! (Read more)