HTML5-Compliant YouTube Embedding

Posted on by AJ Ianozi

Today I was updating my fathers site, Home Tips With Jim, to be HTML5-compliant. It was pretty much just a matter of removing the center tag and target="_blank" from the links – or so I thought.

I’m putting this out there for anyone that may run into the problem in the future; while trying to use YouTube’s new iframe embed system to embed my father’s playlist into the page, I ran into two problems spit out by the W3 Validator:

Attribute allowfullscreen not allowed on element iframe at this point. And: The frameborder attribute on the iframe element is obsolete. Use CSS instead.

After some quick research, I found the solution; apparently frameborder is depreciated, and allowfullscreen is not fully implemented. The solution, was to remove those two elements, and replace the frameborder one with CSS. So, if anyone else runs into this problem, go into the <iframe> tag, and change this part:

frameborder="0" allowfullscreen
To this:
style="border: none"

To this:

style="border: none"

You can now view the source to the HTWJ site, and see how it’s been fixed.

My new website and other updates

Posted on by AJ Ianozi

It’s been quite awhile since I had a chance to update this blog, been busy IRL, but I thought I’d at least give an update with what I’ve been doing.

Currently in my fourth year at college, leading the school’s programming team again, and also working on some new websites of mine.

Also, for those who are interested, here is a quick update on that Dvorak Keyboard Layout. It’s been about nine months since I made that switch, and I’m up to 89-95wpm again. Yes, it’s not the 100+ wpm I had before, but hold fast, I’m slowly getting there.

Anyways, to the website. I’ve recently created a pretty funny website, called LOLFlash.com. It’s pretty much a website with a ton of funny (and for some, seizure-inducing, so watch out) flash loops. The whole website is written in C, of course, and not php. I’ve also been slowly but surely working on the groundwork for the website, www.ironicsecurity.com, which will be another type of blog I’ll be working on, so keep and eye out for that.

I will try to update this blog when I can though, I’m currently working on an article on desertification (what, you thought I only knew about programming?), if I can ever get around to finish it….

On an unrelated note, Home Tips With Jim is started to get pretty awesome, and there are plenty of new episodes; check out my dad’s new website: www.hometipswithjim.info for the latest playlist.

NOTE: This is part of a series, check the next entry here!

Draining the Pool with Jim

Posted on by AJ Ianozi

It may be a little late to post this now, but my dad did another Home Tips with Jim. This time, he drains the pool.

He tries to explain to us how to drain a pool without using any electricity, and all you need is a hose, and a mouth.. But will things go as he has planned?

Home Tips with Jim

Posted on by AJ Ianozi

Well, simply put, my dad does a “Home-Improvement” type show on youtube (and metacafe) called “Home Tips with Jim”. It’s not your typical home-improvement type show though, as usually he has no idea what he’s doing.

An example is his Unclogging the Sink:

Or his “Putting Up Shelves”:

You can watch all of the Home Tips here: Home Tips with Jim - Playlist